About the Company

Baltliner started its work in paper and packaging industry in 1991. For more than 20 years we have been supplying pulp and paper products and to this day we are proud to be working with our initial clients. The core foundations of our business are: flexibility and on-time delivery.

Throughout the years we have gained experience both in mature and traditional markets in United Kingdom, and developing markets in Baltic States. Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

We not only supply our new clients with the products they require but also provide them with technological support for their production and we communicate with producers and processors on regular basis in order to improve product quality.

We have our own warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia and we also use warehouses in Riga and Klaipeda, Latvia for the purposes of consignment and prompt delivery of goods.

More than 10 years ago within its structure Baltliner has established a transport company with its own fleet of vehicles in order to provide a 100 percent guarantee of on time delivery for our customers. At present this is a well functioning structure, showing good results, as well as providing our clients with most accurate delivery.

Forget about the warehouse stock of raw materials!