Logistics and Warehouse


The main warehouse for our stock is in Tallinn, where the major flows from Russia and Scandinavia go to Europe. The convenient location and good communication channels with Finland and Sweden provides a minimum delivery time of goods. The presence of the railway terminal enables the delivery of any shipments to CIS and Russia.

Our professional staff will receive and send the products to our customers carefully and on time. All the operations that happen in our terminals are available to be seen online and the information on products shipped is being sent to customers immidiately after being loaded on the vehicles.

In addition, we have a permament stock available in our warehouse in Riga and Klaipeda, as well as in the port of Gdynia since 2012.

These terminals are also included in the online system tha provides a complete information on the goods traffic (shipments).

Since 2012 we have intermidiate terminal in Kingisep, Russia, which gives us a possibility of increasing the number of road transportations.

In addition to the storage and processing of paper we carry out the consolidaton and shipments to Russia of any technological equipment, spare parts, consumables, and chemicals for our suppliers, enabling them to substantially reduce their costs of production and guarantee on-time delivery, which is crucual for a continious production cycle of any enterprise. The delay in the delivery of spare parts or spare replacements for the paper machine can potentially cause a complete stoppage of the production cycle. We, as a company, put our best efforts in order to help our clients and enable a smooth run of their business.